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The week of 17th December was to change our lives forever…. I was late! In not wanting to read too much into it, I waited right through to the Wednesday. I then felt I was going to burst if I didn’t find out… Was I pregnant?

Well that brought me to the first hurdle. What pregnancy test do I get and where do I go where no one I know will bump into me? When in the shop, I fill my basket with knick knacks that I didn’t really need just so the pregnancy test didn’t stand out in my basket.

Once home, I took the test. It’s amazing to think in the next two minutes watching the egg timer go round was going to determine if  I was going to become a Mum… Then there it was, 2-3 weeks.

Pregnancy Test

My Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Results 2-3 Weeks

I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes, shocked and in disbelief. It’s happened to us! Then the tears started, the dogs came through wondering why I was in the bathroom crying with excitement.  The next hurdle was how do I tell my husband? Do I call him at work and leave him in shock all afternoon, do I send a text but what would I put? No I decided to wait till he came in from work.

He came home and I served dinner, not knowing what to say. After a few mouthfuls I plucked the words to tell him, “I’ve got something to tell you… long pause…. You’re gonna be a dad!’’ then there was silence before the “we’re going to be parents.”

It took the next few days for it to really sink in…

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