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So a little time passed after I’d found out I was pregnant and coming to terms with this life changing event and although I had the test that showed positive, I didn’t particularly feel pregnant. People talked about having morning sickness early on, cravings as well as larger breasts but for me at 5 weeks, nothing.

Then Christmas day I started to get cramps in the evening. To start with they weren’t all that strong but I was a little worried as surely having any cramps at all at this stage didn’t seem right. A quick check on-line and I reassured myself as the information confirmed that it was common and typical in the early stages of pregnancy as it was just where my body was starting to adjust and stretch as it was getting ready for a growing baby.


NHS Direct

NHS Direct

Then the day before New Year’s Eve I woke up after an afternoon sleep and found a very small amount of spotting. Again my fears were raised, did this mean I was miscarrying? I felt I needed more clarification as to what this was so didn’t even research on the internet; I just called NHS Direct straight away.

They were really helpful and the nurse who called me back very promptly explained that the bleeding was most probably where the foetus was implanting on my womb, this really reassured me but how silly did I then feel for getting so worried and panicky!

My husband thought I was worrying over nothing, but I needed to put my mind at rest. On the evening of New Year’s Day, I had a headache and started retching, you know really feeling sick however nothing was coming up, I think it was my baby’s way of telling me they were still there and they were ok! In a way I was fortunate as I found I only had a few weeks of feeling sick but not actually being sick except for on three occasions where I actual had morning sickness.

It was reassuring as I then really felt pregnant. My 12 week scan came round quite quickly. I was all prepared with my five one pound coins ready for the scan token in order to get my pictures, a very full bladder and my husband at my side. Then the worry kicks in again, what if they can’t find anything, what if it was just a phantom pregnancy!

But then after a couple of minutes, there he/she (I’m not sure yet) was Little Peanut! (the nickname I decided to give my baby) its heart beating away, it was real our baby. Then the sonographer mentioned that she can also see a fibroid. She told us that it was 2cm’s and could grow bigger with the pregnancy hormones.

12 Week Scan

Little Peanut In The 12 Week Scan Picture

She was not concerned as it was in the higher area of the womb therefore not blocking the babies exit! I just need to mention it at the 20 week scan so that they can check out that it hasn’t grown and to make sure that it continues to be of little conker. And here’s me thinking that I thought your worries are meant to come when babies here, not before it’s even born!

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